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We are the sole distributor of Lovato CNG/LPG conversion kit - Maharshtra & Goa

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We provide one year Warranty.


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Frequently asked questions

Which cars can be converted to CNG?

CNG conversion is suitable for petrol cars with carburettor, turbo, injection, catalytic and Euro-6 approved engines. CNG conversion kits also exist for the most common direct injection engines.

Is a CNG car less powerful?

Due to the different chemical and physical properties of this gas compared to petrol, CNG cars are inevitably less powerful. With Lovato Gas modern sequential injection systems loss of power however stands at around 10-15% and has no significant effect on driving. H

Is an CNG system difficult to use?

Everything is automatic with Lovato Gas modern injection systems. All the driver needs to do is fill up with gas, push the fuel-switch and… start saving!

What maintenance does an CNG system need?

To guarantee correct long-term working, the system is checked periodically (e.g. filter replacement) according to a programmed maintenance plan, every 10-20,000 km. This maintenance is therefore usually carried out by a mechanic during the vehicle’s normal services.

Where can the CNG tank be installed?

CNG tanks, which are cylindrical and come in different diameters and lengths, are usually installed in the car boot. Installation on the outside of the vehicle, in particular underneath the chassis, is sometimes possible if the minimum distance from the ground can be guaranteed, together with legal safety distances.

Why are CNG cars more ecological?

Using methane as a fuel reduces the emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 by over 20%. Emissions of CO and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are also significantly lower. HC emissions are also almost totally made up of pure, non-toxic methane. Gas cars do not produce particulate, in particular the PM10 that are critical for urban pollution.

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We provide pickup & drop servics on CNG Kit Fitting

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1 year guarantee + 2nd Year Free AMC worth rupees 3000/-

Easy Emi options

Easy Emi options on all major credit cards